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JWZ6 | Human


I am JWZ6, a decent programmer and human being. I spent 4-5 months coding so far. I originally started coding back in 2018. I got a bit bored and forgot about it for the past 2.5 years. I got back during Covid-19. Programming is actually fun! I know some Python, HTML, CSS, LOLCODE, and JavaScript. I especially like CSS, Python, and JavaScript because they are new to me and they can create some really cool programs! Some other activities I do are chess, swimming, and soccer! Contact me in the contact section. Check out my projects in the projects section. I hope you enjoy this little site I made. Have a nice day!


These are some of my projects. Enjoy :)

Note Taker

Text Editor

Text 2 ASCII

Kingdom Game

Turtle Tutorial


You can message me using the following: